The world celebrated International Yoga Day on 21 June, and brilliantly. A value of India, gifted to the world has seen a considerable upsurge in the recent years, and why not? It’s numerous benefits are super-convincing for you to spread your yoga mat and start yoga immediately.

Yoga is not only associated with flat tummy or six-pack abs, it is miraculous. Plus, it is smooth like butter, never forcing you to be out of your comfort zone. Basically, it is good life handed to you on a silver platter.

1.Prevents Aging and serious ailments. – Yoga stimulates detoxification. Our body is subjected to a lot of pollution, chemicals and harmful food additives etc. This damages the metabolism and immune system of our body, hindering the functioning of many glands and organs.

Detoxification heals the body and strengthens our metabolism and immune system. It also slows down aging, prevents arthritis, cancers, heart diseases etc.

It also improves mental functioning and vitality of the body.

2. Posture – Yoga improves posture, and posture correction is the very base of yoga. Practicing yoga will make your posture healthy and make you look more confident.

3.Strength and flexibility – Like any gym exercise that makes your muscles strong, yoga also effectively makes you stronger and improves your flexibility. The effect is seen in a few weeks of regular yoga itself.

Quick, cost-efficient, natural, what else do you want?

4. Energizing and relaxing – Yoga, instead of making you feel tired after your exercise session, makes you feel rejuvenated. Most yogis claim that they feel more energized after performing yoga. Morning yoga gives them enough energy to face the proceedings of the day.

Yoga also relaxes you. It relaxes any hormone imbalance in your body in a single day itself.It gives you peace of mind, and a clear head. This is one of the reasons people tend to practice yoga early in the morning, instead of any time later in the day.

5. Weight – Exercising reduces weight. The more you sweat, the more you shed. This is a simple connection, and a benefit associated with any form of exercise. But this combined with the other benefits is a good combo, and associated only with yoga.

6. Sleep – A relaxed, detoxified body, certainly leads to better sleep. Yoga can cure insomnia and correct your sleeping hours. So if you have problem getting out of bed, or getting into the bed, worry not, yoga can cure it all.

7. Mood – When your mind is relaxed, and body is strengthened, the daily irritations of life don’t get to you easily. Yoga improves physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well- being and balance that lift up your mood. So you become more patient, and less frustrated. Check out for these benefits once you start practicing yoga.

8. Reduces anxiety – Yoga uses methods of controlled breathing that reduces anxiety, and makes you better at handling stress and pressure. Basically yoga helps you to not crack under pressure. This is why great diplomat and world leaders are seen to have adopted yoga.

9. Exhale negativity, inhale positivity – This is a term often used by yoga instructors while they instruct their batches. Yoga is known to reduce negativity and increase positivity in the heart and mind of a person. This is also one of the benefits, the effect of which you can see on the very first day of your exercise.

10. Concentration – Yoga is proven to increase concentration in as little as eight weeks of determined practice.

11. Memory – Increased concentration, relaxed mind, detoxified body, and improved blood circulation to the brain improves mental performance of an average human being.

12. Attention – Improved memory and concentration, and an overall increased mental performance increases the attentiveness of an average human being.

The above were some of the benefits of yoga besides the one we usually get to hear. Yoga is a miracle in itself, it’s a natural healer and makes your body and soul better. It improves your mind – body balance, and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

Besides, yoga does not require any costly equipment and does not need you to pay any heavy gym fee. All you need is a yoga mat, and everything else is natural.

It’s never too late to start anything beneficial, so spread your yoga mat and let us work to make our bodies better.



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