“Loving yourself isn’t vanity, it is sanity” – Andre Cide

Self – love is the best love, and I know you won’t disagree. With self-love comes positivity, confidence, independence, good vibes, and so many priceless traits, it almost feels like possessing a four leaf clover.

No, I am not going to suggest you tips or tricks to love yourself, because you cannot love yourself unless you want to.

But what do I mean by loving yourself/myself?

  1. To respect my soul and my body (self-respect). Nobody has the right to tamper it or invade it without my agreement. I will take care of it, and only I have the right, to change it, if I want to.
  2. I am who I am and I love who I am. I love my skin, whether it’s dark or fair. I love my hair, whether it’s black or grey or yellow or pink. I love my accent, whether it’s fake or real. I love my gender whether it’s “straight” or not. I love my body, whether it’s fat or slim. I will change these things only if I need to, in order to evolute into a better person.
  3. I will change my behaviour and manners if it is genuinely offensive, rude or in any way unacceptable. I will do this in order to make myself a better person.
  4. I know where to speak and where to stay quite. I know who to confront and who to not. I know what matters I should interfere in and what matters I should let go of.
  5. I don’t want to be like you, or for that matter of fact, like anybody else, except the better version of me, that will help me grow and be successful.
  6. I will listen to everyone but do only what I feel is right for me, because this is my life, and I have the full freedom to make my choices. Moreover, I will keep my brain and heart alert while making any decision, because these decisions can have a permanent impact on my life. I will be patient and calm while making any choice.
  7. I don’t brood over the past, rather I will learn from it. I will not worry about the future, rather I will work in the present to rectify my past mistakes and make my future better.
  8. I can do anything I want if I make my mind up to do it.
  9. I will manage my time, space, endeavours, and will try my best not to be a burden on anybody. I am self sufficient.
  10. The love I have for myself, I will distribute it to any one in need, so that I can make the world a better place. I will be the torch bearer of love and care for myself  and for those in need.
  11. I will let go of everything that worries me and is futile.
  12. I will focus on what is positive and leave negativity behind. I will be optimistic.
  13. I will be honest to myself, always.

Loving yourself does not mean to be selfish, it means to know where to put yourself first and where to put others first. It means to know what your priorities are. It means to know what you have to do with your life, and not let anybody change it unless it is for the better. It means to be clear- headed and never bend  before anything inhumane or wrong. It means to know how to stand up for yourself.

No tips and tricks can teach you how to love yourself. It is a thing you have to inculcate, based on your experiences.

You can love yourself. Trust me, only you have the power to do it. If you make yourself resistant to the better, then no one can make you a better person. No one can make you love yourself.

So wake up in the morning and hug yourself. Smile.

Walk up to the mirror and say “I Love You” to your reflection.

Self- love is a healer. Your biggest problems are solved when you love yourself. Self- love makes room in your heart to love others. Love begins within us, and we can spread it all over the world. Love is the true calling and the perfect way to happiness – happiness around us and happiness within us.

Remember, it all starts with YOU.


CLICK HERE – What does it mean to love yourself


8 thoughts on “#MissionHappiness Baby, you should go and Love Yourself!

  1. I read this article about a week ago and I am back here to tell you that you’re a magician! I actually wake up every morning, hug myself, say ‘I love you’ to my reflection, smile, and now that I have been doing this for a few days, this comes out naturally.
    The motivation you provide has made me actually love and respect myself!
    You are truly phenomenal!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad this helped you! I
      Calling me a magician is much more than what I deserve. This post is just a small step from my side to spread happiness, and your comment acts as a motivation, making me realize that I am on the right path!
      Thank you!


  2. I have been a victim of depression for a long time. Last year I started getting a little better, but still I needed to emulate a few more qualities, as my therapist said.
    I was made fun of because I lacked ‘something’ ( as my ex boyfriend said).
    I read your article, and honestly, this was what I was lacking.
    Thank you for making me realise that I can forget my past and be better.
    Thank you for making me love myself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am out of words Alexa.
      My mission is to spread happiness, and this article brought happiness to you, what more can I want?
      You lack nothing, believe me. You are perfect the way you are.
      And whenever you feel like talking, I am here for you 🙂
      Thank you Alexa, you made my day!


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