Prayer is man’s greatest power!

-W Clement Stone

The world is in a state of turmoil.

The human forms of Satan are trying to darken this world with their evil activities.

So it’s time for us human’s to bring out are biggest weapon for fighting this discord, PRAYER.

For a man is the most powerful when he is on his knees.

Let’s pray for peace.

So that there are no bombings any more.

No innocent people dying.

So that terrorism doesn’t thrive and humanity survives.

Let’s pray for the victims who’ve lost their lives.

Their families who have cried.

Let’s pray for love.

And feel their losses.

Let’s pray for them who are injured, so that they are healed.

Let’s pray for those who are treating them, so that they are successful in this endeavour.

It’s a request of mine to pray for London, Manchester and Kabul.

For the soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir.

For the sufferers of Middle East.

For every part of the world suffering from terrorism.

Let’s pray for the end of terrorism.

Let’s pray for the dominance of love and care.

For if we cannot go and fight the enemies of humanity on the frontiers, we can at least give this little contribution.

Just a heartfelt prayer for the betterment of humanity can do wonders, trust me.




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