Ever felt like you have entirely wasted your day doing nothing of significance?

No, you have not wasted your day. It just your outlook that makes you think you have wasted it.

I once had a person who came to me and said that she had entirely wasted her day talking to herself. I asked her what she had been talking about, to which she replied ‘my life, my problems, my infatuations, it’s like I took an interview of myself !’

Do you really think she wasted her day?

I told her that she had rather discovered herself. If she just looks back to all that she had talked to herself about, she would realize that she had sorted out problems which she couldn’t have in the rush of life.

Before classifying your day as a wasted one, look back and see, did you learn nothing?

I’ll tell you another incident where my friend came up and said to me that he had ‘literally’ wasted his holiday sleeping.

I asked him how many hours does he gets to sleep usually. He replied ‘2-3 hours’.

Did he waste his day then? No. He just cured something that is very unhealthy – sleep deprivation.

Look back at your day peacefully and with an open and enlightened mind and even out of the most externally- wasteful day, you’ll find a deeper, hidden truth – that you have learnt something or done something maybe very piddly, but certainly not insignificant.

Every day makes you a better person, and the day you realize the gravity of this phrase, you will realize that you have never actually ‘killed’ or ‘wasted’ your time, you have just given it to something that was not at the top of your priority list.

And hey, that clearly does not mean you stop giving time to your prioritized tasks. You need to give time to them too.

The day you feel like you have wasted your day drawing a difficult sketch, that is of no use, hey, you learnt how to draw.

The day you feel like you have wasted your day wandering to random places, take out a pen and paper and write down you observations. Make a blog out of it, post it to your social media account. You have made use of your day.

The day you think you have wasted your day watching movies and television soaps, don’t forget even they are a great source of education. Who did not feel enlightened about the Science of Deduction after watching Sherlock?

Just find something useful out of the useless, and there you are, with an enlightened mind and a not-wasted day 🙂

Feel like talking about something? Head over to the contact page, comment below or mail me! (https://thejournalofanerd.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/missionhappiness-lets-talk/)

Have a great day!





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