The world is turning into a sad place. In between the rush of personal and professional life, man has lost the liveliness, the happiness of life. That is why I, with a mission in my mind to make the world a better place, am here to inaugurate this mission known as Mission Happiness.

What is Happiness?

Happiness is the state of being happy. That is what you get when you google the meaning of happiness.

The state of being happy. What really is the state of being happy? To be contended, to let go of all your anxieties, worries, troubles, and just live the present moment to the fullest is the state of being happy. When you can take a deep breath in, and release it with a smile on your face is the state of being happy. When you can dance, jump, laugh even at the trivial pleasures of life, that is the state of being happy.

When you love yourself, and don’t need anybody else, is the state of being happy or when you are just satisfied, contended, in the arms of someone else you love is happiness.

Happiness is just something that comes from within, and it is the only path that will help you face all the challenges in life and successfully beat them.

Happiness is the only thing that will make you feel beautiful even when the whole world calls you ugly.

Happiness, is the only way, the only way to a better and a freaking awesome life.

Where is our happiness lost?

In the rush of life.

In overthinking.

In taking stresses.

In not letting go.

In not taking it easy.

And most importantly within ourselves. It’s lost within ourselves. We have it somewhere, but we just don’t can’t find it.

So what is Mission Happiness?

Mission Happiness is a mission to find the happiness that is lost within ourselves.

In Mission Happiness, every few days I will post about things that can make you happy. Maybe it’s a movie, a book, some place you can travel, a DIY, a website you can visit, a song,  a pep talk anything that I think can make you happy.

What is the objective?

To make the world a better and happy place.

All questions answered? If no you can contact me on my contact page ( or directly e-mail me.

So remember, be so happy that when others are around you, they also feel happy. That is the aim, objective and our mission

What makes you happy? Write down below in the comments section or contact me and help the world be a happier place!




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