Empowerment for women, why not empowerment for men? This is a question my brother asked me today, and I agree, if empowerment for women, then why not empowerment for men?
If there are female rapes, then there are men rapes too.
If there is domestic violence against females, there is domestic violence against males too.
If females are being trafficked then males are being trafficked too.
Then what’s the reason that crimes against men are not being highlighted. I hope some of you are ready with the answer. GENDER INEQUALITY. That’s right.
How can a seemingly strong male be subjected to violence?
How can he shed tears? And the most common ‘Mard ko kabhi dard nahi hota’ (A Hindi proverb meaning that men do not feel pain).
If a man comes up with his story of being domestically abused by a woman then he is known as ‘lugaipita’** (which is a terminology I learnt from the very famous Indian sitcom ‘Bhabhi ji ghar par hai’ *)
For a man to be beaten by a woman is a hysterical subject, but for a women to be beaten by a man is an issue of concern? What kind of justice is this?
A male that sheds tears is weak? What kind of equality is this?
Men empowerment lies in gender equality, and that is what should be a burning topic for debate.
A man applying make-up is not girly.
A woman riding a motorcycle is not boyish/tomboyish.
A man playing with dolls is not girly.
A girl playing with cars is not boyish.
A woman is not always necessarily a homemaker, even a man can be a homemaker (housewife/househusbands are the more common terms).
A man shedding tears is not weak, just emotional. Emotions are not attributed to a particular gender.
‘Kya larkiyon ki tarah ro raha hai?’ (Stop crying like girls) DO AWAY WITH THIS PHRASE. It’s highly sexist.
It’s not a woman’s ‘nature’ to be emotional. It’s her choice.
And tell me what’s the distinctive way in which men cry or women cry? Crying is simply your lachrymal glands shedding a watery fluid, and they are same in men and women. They are not like penises or vaginas, different in different genders.
Stop stereotyping on the basis of gender and rather fight for equality. That’s where men empowerment lies, and that’s where women empowerment lies.

*’Bhabhiji ghar par hai’ meaning ‘Is my neighbors wife home?’ is a popular Indian sitcom. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5154982/

**’lugaipita’ is a comical Hindi term for someone who is beaten by his wife.



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