Ranting and preaching about feminism, women/men rights, women/men empowerment won’t do me (or rather anyone) any good unless we are clear with the roots of it. No building will be able to stand upright if its very roots are weak and not well- formed.
Imagine us praising Taj Mahal for its beauty and suddenly it falls. Where will all the praise go? Into debris, of course. Why did it fall? Because its base was not strong. Now let’s compare Taj Mahal to empowerment of a particular gender, to its rights. We are highly escalating it, fighting upon it, fighting for it, but ultimately it will fall. Everything that we are fighting for will have no value, because the base idea was not strong. Maybe not now, maybe later, but it will eventually fall, and we, the sensible, would be the ones to blame, because we, despite knowing the base idea were not successful in propagating it.
So what is this base idea that I am talking about? What is this base upon which stands the welfare of a woman or a man or a transgender?
It of course is equality. Equality of a man to a woman to a transgender. Often, while talking about equality, we fail to include the other gender in our list. Some do it deliberately because they don’t like the idea of LGBT, while some do it because the society never mentioned the other gender when talking about equality. No matter what, the LGBT brigade is a part of our society, and you like it or not, you will have to accept it.
So what is the general formula for equality? This –

The formula implies that every person deserves an equal share of everything.

How do we use this formula and more importantly where do we use this formula?
• A worker no matter belonging to whichever gender deserves EQUAL pay.
• A person of no matter what gender deserves EQUAL respect.
• No gender is better than the other, stronger than the other, worse, or weaker than the other. All are EQUAL. It depends on how you build yourself mentally and physically.
• A wife is not the ‘better’ half of her husband. She is the EQUAL half and deserves EQUAL respect and EQUAL share in household matters. Similarly, a husband also deserves equality in terms of respect and household matters.
Just remember –
• You can let out your emotions, cry, weep, sob, irrespective of your gender. Sentiments are not gender specific.
• You can play with dolls even if you are a boy. It’s normal to hold a Barbie doll and play with it, irrespective of your gender.
• You can play with the latest Hotwheels car collection even if you are a girl and it is not boyish/tomboyish. Cars don’t come with a gender tag.
• Girls can be a badass if they want. No need to be a delicate touch-me-not princess. Kick them on the face if they are bad to you. Same is for boys and transgender. Being badass is not gender selective.
• Speak out and speak up whenever you experience or see someone’s rights being violated, someone being discriminated on the basis of gender. That’s your duty as a global citizen.
• Stop judging a person on the basis of his/her/their gender and rather judge them on the basis of their capabilities.
• Let gender not be your limit or excuse for anything. Let it just be a factor that promotes you rather than impeding you.
• No job is gender defined. A man can be a babysitter or a beautician and a woman can be an automotive expert or a bus or truck driver. It’s normal.
Now let’s talk about equality of the LGBT Brigade.
• They SHOULD be treated like any normal respectable citizen. No discrimination is appreciable as well as fair.
• They have the right to love, marry and be sexually involved with WHOEVER they want, just like you.
• They should be punished if they are wrong. No sympathies or special treatments.
• They deserve justice and judicial remedies. No discrimination is appreciable.
• They can take up whatever job they want, live in whichever way they want and be exposed to everything that any normal person is exposed to.
Remember, LGBT is just another gender, just like a male, just like a female. Nothing special and nothing to discriminate.
So start with yourself. Change your mentality. Inspire other people and make the world free from gender discrimination. Keep telling yourself, if not me then who? If not now then when?

Be the change you want to see in the world – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.



8 thoughts on “Before fighting for rights and empowerment, know what is the base of all this.

  1. Basically the point where you say that no building can stand when its very roots are not strong got me hooked! You are right. Gender equality is the base for all empowerment movements. This article is the best on gender equality I have ever read. Being a not- so- famous author I believe this type of view lead to a great writing. Wish to see you writing great novels someday, or being a great social activist. Your post is really inspirational.


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