When I think about makeup, the first thing that comes to my mind is FAKE. There is something about makeup that makes me feel like the person in front of me is not trustable, maybe it’s the fake- feeling I get out of it.
How weird it is to hide your real skin behind chemically empowered foundations, it’s like sacrificing your real beauty for almost nothing.
Makeup is not about looking good for yourself, but not feeling good about yourself. If you are confident in your own skin, show yourself to the world as you are. No matter how much makeup you apply, nothing can change the inner you. Tamper and pamper the inner you, not the outer you.And then what good does makeup do for you or your skin? Simply cause harm to it, the chemicals making your original skin rubbish.
Some people say makeup makes them feel confident, then ladies/men I am sorry to say, you should try hard, really very hard to increase you self confidence. Makeup and self confidence is just not the match for me. If you are not confident in your own skin, you are not self confident. Yes that is the match I prefer.
Makeup and sexy is another match I don’t prefer. If you are bold, confident and sexy inside, you are sexy outside (leaving behind if you want to look only visually appealing or in better words and eye candy for other people).
If makeup makes you feel you, then you really need to discover the real you, for you really have not yet known the person behind that makeup, which is actually you. (Wow! This sentence was full of you)
So stop using makeup as your weapon or your support. Stop being dependent on it for confidence or sexiness. Stop making it your identity. Let your originality come out before the world. Show everyone the real you, and trust me you will feel more confident, more sexy and definitely more ‘you’.


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