We have all heard about Kim Jong-un and his dictatorship, and have also heard that it’s brutal, but how brutal?

While scrolling down YouTube I found a video of Yeonmi Park, an activist, who is fighting for the freedom of North Koreans. Here is the video for you –

Credits – One Young World

The video itself can stir up your emotions, but that’s not all. She is not the first one to raise a voice against North Korean dictatorship, there have been many.

Hyeonseo Lee is also a North Korean defector and activist, a TED speaker and the writer of the book ‘The Girl With Seven Names’.

She first revealed her horrific experience in a TED talk. Here is the video for you –

Credits – TED

An unforgettable struggle to freedom are the perfect words to describe her ordeal.

Suki Kim is the author of an award winning novel ‘The Interpreter’ and New York Times Bestselling literary nonfiction, ‘Without You, There Is No Us: Undercover Among the Sons of North Korea’s Elite’

She is the first writer to go undercover in North Korea for immersive journalism. Here she shares her experience –

Credits – TED

Aren’t these enough to make us realize that North Korea is a terrible, horrifying country where you get executed for watching a Hollywood movie, where there is nothing in your books, your TV screens, your laptop screens, except the ‘Great Leaders’? Where there is no ‘World Wide Web’? Where there is no escape without struggle?

They are calling for freedom, and it’s high time we fight it for them.



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