Hi! I am Aditi Agarwal, a curious opinionated soul. So the big question is why did I start this blog?

Well, the voice of the youth has been curbed for long. Our right to expression is diminishing. I started this blog to act as a voice for the people who share my opinions but are not able to raise them, for people to realize that being opinionated is not wrong, being ignorant is.

Being black skinned or white skinned is not wrong, being racist is.

Having political views is not wrong, being undemocratic is.

Following a religion is not wrong, being phobic to a religion is.

Raising a voice against crime is not wrong, staying quiet is.

Equality is not wrong, sexism is.

And most importantly, right to expression is not wrong, not using it is.

So all those who’ve read this very very serious post and have reached here without pressing the back button let’s tackle some issues together, and make the world a better place.


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